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Scheduling: Students can book as many lessons als they want per week. If students have booked a bundle of 10 lessons, they can not book more than 10 lessons unless they pay for more. The lesson will start on time and end on time. (see “Tardiness”)

Price: The lesson price is set out in the Booking System and will only be altered if circumstances require it. Discount vouchers apply to certain students and can only be redeemed by these students.

Cancellations or rescheduling: Students must cancel 24 hours in advance. If a student does not cancel in time before the lesson, we can mutually agree to repeat the lesson at no cost to the student. This is only possible 5 times. Please try to be on time or try to reschedule the lesson on time.

Tardiness: If a student is late for the lesson, I will wait for that student. Please communicate with me if and how long you will be late. Then we can agree on further actions like a repeat lesson or a rescheduling. If we start the lesson 5 or 10 minutes later, we will finish 5 or 10 minutes later if I have not got any other lessons after this lesson.

If, for any reason, I am not available for class, we will be able to negotiate either another slot for your lesson or, if necessary, a refund. If I am not contactable, please try to WhatsApp me.

Student conduct: Lessons are only for educational purposes and not for any other reasons. I tolerate no abuse or any other advancements. I will not do any favours or give any help to any student outside the lesson.

I’ve created a referral bonus system where clients earn a free class for with every successful referral!

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