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    We are excited to introduce you to the Business English Mastery Hub.

    A vibrant community of German Business Professionals like you who want to practice their English in a friendly setting without having to set aside time for lessons.

    "Amazing! A very good teacher!"


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    Hi! I'm Kat, CEO of Learn with Kat. This community is for German Business professionals who want to work or are working in English-speaking companies in Germany.

    Join business professionals like you in our Business English Mastery Hub today.

    How the Business English Mastery Hub Works


    Chat with other business professionals in our vibrant WhatsApp Group and practice English.


    Get expert guidance from us through Challenges, courses and online coaching sessions.


    Receive the right English training, helping you build confidence to speak confidently and fluently. Land your dream job and embark on a fulfilling career path.


    Got questions?

    Is this community right for me?

    If you are a business professional from Germany this is the right community for you.

    How much does the community cost?

    Membership to the community is free for one month and €25 after that. You can cancel your membership at any time.

    What makes the Business English Mastery Hub different from other communities?

    The Business English Mastery Hub is a vibrant community of like-minded business professionals who want to improve their English. We are open to everyone so join us today.



    Kat is a very nice and professional teacher. I have learned with her a lot of new words and phrasal verbs, I have also learned some typical phrases that I'm using at my work during the meetings and in general conversation. All of lessons are different. Kat is used to plan the system and method to learn, based of what you needed. Always a pleasure have a lesson with her.


    She is the best, always cheerful, learning is fun with her. I am fascinated by her performance. I never thought I could learn English so quickly. People if you are looking for someone please contact her she is simply the best. You will have fun with her.


    Der Unterricht macht sehr viel Spaß, ich habe das Gefühl, dass Katja sehr gut auf mich und meine Situation eingeht und den Unterricht so vorbereitet, dass ich an meinen Problemen arbeiten kann.


    Great lesson, Katja is very empathic! The lessons are exactly what I was looking for!!


    Katja is always well-prepared to our lessons. She is not afraid to correct me, and giving great tips.


    Very responsible and patient with students.

    Juliano de Castro Ribeiro

    Kat is an excellent English teacher, possesses linguistic mastery, clarity in explanation, a passion for English culture, adaptation to student needs, creativity in teaching, empathy, and encouragement for overcoming challenges. She inspires us confidence and a love for learning each more.

    What is included in the EBM Hub?


    Online Group lessons

    Every week there will be at least one online group session where anyone can chat with us or with your fellow learners.


    Challenges and courses (online)

    We have got exciting Challenges and interactive courses planned for you. Watch this space for webinars with interviews and training specially for you.

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